Welcome to "Characters Profile" page. You'll find all "kawaiigoods" official characters bios. and what they are all about. All characters are drawn by: Claud. So please respect all illustration from the webmistress. Thank you so much.

Trixie the space alien turn in to a popcicle when she goes to the Melty planet :D so she can blend with other space aliens yummy creatures.

She loves to travel all over the universe spreading happiness on each planet. Legend heard if you see her and wish something when she appears it will come true.

She grants everyone's dreams and happiness.

A very magical unicorn that lives on the moon. She may not have wings, but she flys with out them. She has magic powers to do what ever she wants. She loves to eat

mostly star cookies that "mochi" feeds her.

They are happy little bats they love to fly over the moon. They love to eat candy and cakes. They live in a cute marshmallow caves.